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Method and maintenance of common problem of tap


1 brass bath taps uk water or water to reduce the bifurcation without bubbles.

Possible reasons: bubbler filter fouling or impurities such as scale dirt blockage.

Solution: remove the tap, clean the filter.

2 shower water is small, water branch

Possible reasons: low water pressure or Bathtub Taps with debris clogging or scale accumulation.

Solution: remove the shower nozzle out of shower water inlet and a water outlet with filter rubber washer or washing shower top spray to clean up.

Antique Shower taps

Possible reasons: high pressure; leading handle snap shut; hot and cold water pipes fixed bad; on the water inlet pipe hinder or scale.

Solution: to reduce the pressure, avoid rapid closure of leading to the construction, pipe cleaning, check the pipes and connecting objects (such as water purifier, water heater) there is bad.

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